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Ella Ora Skin Therapy Clinic

The Best Night Mask

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Youth restoring, regenerating and lifting overnight mask for an exceptionally smooth, lifted and radiant complexion. - 3.4 oz


  • Activates stem cells rejuvenation
  • Strengthens collagen fibers
  • Plumps fine lines and wrinkles from the inside
  • Reanimates cell functions
  • Increases proliferation of intracellular matrix molecules
  • Stimulates and strengthens collagen and elastin fibers
  • Increases ability to retain moisture
  • Leaves a velvety soft feel
How to Apply

Use as needed, 2-3 times a week, after preparing the skin. Apply THE BEST Night Mask evenly to the entire face and leave on overnight. For optimal results, use after serum. Avoid direct contact with eyes.


• MBR® FibroBoost Complex – Distinct reanimation of fibroblastic structures. Synthetic growth factors increase the cell renewal and tissue repair process.
• Bio Placenta – Growth factors, amino acids and vitamins, increasing regeneration and tissue repair.
• Hydranov-P – Concentrate extracted from red algae that stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid.

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The Best Night Mask