Why Get a Facial?

February Spotlight: Why Get a Facial?

You may think it's just a time to relax, but these treatments are much more for your face. No one knows about skin like your aesthetician, that is, if they are good.

Our aestheticians are in the master category, meaning they have had over 10,000 hours of training. They are knowledgeable about skin types, skin disorders, products, and their ingredients + uses.  They are probably a better choice than the dermatologist for rosacea and melasma.

During a Facial, your aesthetician tries to improve your skin's lipid barrier. Skin acts as a barrier between your body and the environment. Crucial for this function is your lipid matrix, located in the outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum.

Two functions of the lipid matrix are to prevent excess water loss through the skin and keep compounds in the environment from permeating the epidermis and dermis, where they can provoke an immune response.

When healthy, the lipid barrier provides a youthful glow.  A good aesthetician can correct lipid barrier problems through various methods, including dermaplaning, extractions, enzymes, acids, red lights, and blue lights, to name a few. They know what treatments you need to achieve a healthy balance and what products are right for you.