CEA 24 Hours Extreme


24 Hours Extreme, MBR’s highly effective high-tech vitamin care, strengthens your skin against all negative effects of our modern environment. It gives your skin a fresh, smooth and even texture and a new, fascinating radiance.

• Boosts the skin‘s resilience and protective functions
• Improves the skin‘s micro-circulation
• Supports all metabolic processes inherent to the skin
• Intensifies detoxifying processes
• Reduces redness
• Intensifies the synthesis between elastin and collagen

Mornings and evenings. After cleansing and opening (Two in One Cleanser oder Foam Cleanser purifying/Beta-Enzyme/Starter Facial Booster), apply the recommended active serum. Finally, apply a generous quantity of Twentyfour Hours Extreme and gently massage it into your skin.

Superox-C, Kombuchka™, vitamin C glucoside, vitamin E, vitamin A, SymHelios® 1031, Rosmarinyl™ glucoside, avocado oil, niacin, Thalassine 2G

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