About Us

Ella Ora is a new concept in skin therapy. We work with only the best products to bring you the highest-quality, most technologically advanced skin care there is today.

Ella Ora offers a scientific approach to skin care that addresses the visible signs of aging and many other common skin concerns by combining state-of-the-art technology with medical grade compounds.

Ella Ora specializes in the manual sculpting of the face using a combination of European and Eastern techniques to deliver a measurably more youthful complexion and achieve lift without surgery.

Our Staff

Ella Ora delivers an unprecedented level of service. Our clients will leave with glowing skin, instructions on how to use their products at home and a general sense of well-being following their visit to our skin therapy clinic.

Kristin Joy VanGuilder


Owner Kristin Joy VanGuilder studied with the San Francisco Ballet, the Boston Ballet and the Pacific Northwest Ballet while receiving full merit scholarships to the San Francisco Ballet and the Pacific Northwest Ballet. She was subsequently a principal dancer touring professionally with The American Ballet Ensemble. Kristin’s affinity for movement and her dedication to beauty and perfection make her skin care treatments both indulgent and effective. In addition to dance, Kristin also studied biology and nursing before entering the world of aesthetics. Her passion for skincare developed when she learned to heal her own skin as an aesthetics student. She incorporates her science background into her skin care practice and has pursued training with skincare experts all over the world including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and London.

Kristin specializes in non-surgical toning and tightening with a concentration on the neck and jowl area. ''With the right tools and products, everyone can have gorgeous skin,'' says Kristin. Her commitment to researching the latest developments and products in skincare inspired her to form the concept for Ella Ora, a comprehensive skin care clinic equipped to unveil your most beautiful skin.

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Brooke Adams


Brooke is from Greer, SC and spent time as a model and licensed cosmetologist before joining Ella Ora. Her passion for maintaining clear and beautiful skin prompted her to switch to a career in aesthetics. In her career, Brooke has completed more than 500 hours of training with Dr. Barbara Sturm and other top aesthetic professionals.

Aesthetics is not her only passion; Brooke’s love for pit bulls is behind her advocacy of the breed. Her love of all animals drives her commitment to cruelty-free products such as those used and sold at Ella Ora.

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Kate Rawlins


Kate is from Greenville, SC and attended the University of Hawaii before graduating from the College of Charleston with a degree in Sociology in 2016. She is currently working towards attaining her aesthetics license. In addition to skincare, she also has a passion for piano, travel and healthy cooking.

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Caroline White


Caroline is from Greenville, Delaware and moved to Charleston in 2016. She is currently a senior at the College of Charleston and will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in May 2020. Caroline has taken a keen interest in molecular biology and has a passion for medical grade skincare. In the future, she aspires to pursue a career in dermatology in order to help others achieve and maintain clear and beautiful skin.

He who seeks beauty will find it.

Bill Cunningham